A GUESS: A full vegan society?

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A GUESS: A full vegan society?

Сообщение hawrdstrack » Чт апр 26, 2018 10:50 am


I was wandering how would a full vegan society look like in the future ? What would it's Values be? and How will they act towards other living species? as well as possible "Aliens"?
I was wandering this for 2 reasons mainly:
1) This seems like a fun thought experiment, and would be better to try and prepare for now rather than later "on the go" ?
2) I myself am having a hard time figuring my stance on where to draw the line on the matter of "lowering suffering" in such a global society. At this point in a future society which is all vegan, with so much Knowledge and so also Responsibility i start thinking of weather we Should "kill off carnivores" to lower the suffering they cause to others (from my biology understanding this will be a self shot in the leg as they are a "necessary evil" for keeping the biosphere, and also the act of killing them is "causing suffering") or we just leave them be in spite of the pain they cause to others (but in turn we betray our values) ?

Please help.

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