Lawmakers say 'no' to seasonal wood-burning ban

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Lawmakers say 'no' to seasonal wood-burning ban

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SALT LAKE CITY — Utah lawmakers overwhelmingly heard the outcry of their constituents on threatened wood-burning restrictions, passing a measure on the final day of 2015 Legislature that prohibits a seasonal ban.
In a 45-day legislative session largely unscathed by the haze of notorious wintertime inversions, state lawmakers spoke clearly on the notion that some regulations to clean up the air can go too far — especially if they feel the rules compromise individual liberties and the desired outcome is doubtful.
The Utah Legislature approved HB396, which prohibits an all-out ban on wood burning. In its original form, it attempted to put into law a system nearly identical to what exists now: burning restrictions that go into place along the Wasatch Front when air pollutants reach a certain level and no restrictions when the air is clean by federal standards.
The bill, which was changed to prohibit an outright ban, passed the House on Thursday on a 56-12 vote and now goes to the governor for his signature.

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