Start losing creativity!?

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Start losing creativity!?

Сообщение hawrdstrack » Чт апр 26, 2018 10:54 am


So the question is... Anyone have any suggestions on keep your creativity up and fresh, after working on a project for multiple hours. I know we've all been there... sitting at the comp, working on the same mix for hour.. tinkering with eq's, reverb's, mastering effects. Motivation starts decreasing and your eyes start getting fried from the monitor/s. I, unfortunately, only have time to produce in the late night hours too, which also doesn't exactly help either.. when having to work 7am to 6pm. ALSO, I tend to spend, IMO, too much time on perfecting, so when i finally look at the clock, 4 hours have gone by and i only have a 16 bar intro.. IT LEAVES ME SO FRUSTRATED! I understand it's a personal problem, but if anyone has, or have had a similar issue, I'd appreciate any advice or rec's.. Thanks guys!!

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